You are not ‘normal’.
Neither are we.
This is a good thing.

We believe business success lies in generating value. Not just money, but how you make money, and what you give of yourself to the world along the way.

Are you creative, smart + building a business that challenges the status quo?

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We believe in:

Creating proof of your value – your idea and your life – by testing and measuring.

Pushing the envelope of the good the entrepreneurial spirit can do.

Non-violence to ourselves as entrepreneurs.
This includes overwork, overthinking, and over-complicating.

Asking “what if?” and “how come?” and radical listening at every stage of the journey.

You! And your undeniable value.


You know those crazy, unusual, unbelievable success stories you see—online and out in the world?

This is where they are born + grown.

Meet a few members of our community. Prepare for a dose of business as unusual.

Sara Avant Stover
From yoga teacher to spiritual visionary leader.
Sara Avant Stover was looking for her toehold online, competing in the crowded yoga & wellness field. Today? She leads international SHE retreats and communities in a powerful multiple six-figure lifestyle business. Om.
Indrani Goradia
From small potatoes to power-philanthropist.
When we first met, all Indrani wanted was 5-part teleseminar, because she thought 'that's what you're supposed to want'. Today? She leads the charge against gender-based violence in India, Trinidad & North America at the helm of her own non-profit. Yeah.
Lisa Canfield
From strung out freelance writer-for-hire to video producer + writing coach.
The Hollywood machine kicked Lisa's butt good, and she had 'come-back' on her mind... and pocketbook. After one year? She's a sought after writing coach + ghostwriter to celebrities. Getting her confidence back? Priceless.
Jenn Lee
From 1-on-1 coach to iconic best-selling author.
Jenn knew she had more inside her. We invited her to stake claim to and out-run the many competitors. Today? She's the founder of Right Brainers in Business Video-Summit, a happy creative team and multiple-six figures to boot. Wuhoo!

Our Offerings

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We need to talk

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Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations

creating undeniable proof

A short powerful course in testing your ideas and getting your next real clients!

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Immerse Yourself In Great Coaching.

sacred sleep for entrepreneurs

Because Insomnia is Bad for your Business

a brighter life leadership training

Start by Saying No.