Creating Undeniable Proof


The flash comes at midnight,
just as you hop out of the shower.


There it is: the Best Business Idea You’ve Ever Had.

You race to your computer with a towel around your head, and fire off a message to your graphic designer, your virtual assistant, your web coder.

All hands on deck! All systems go! This is the BIG one!

When launch day rolls around, you’re on cloud nine. This is IT. The offering that’s going to help hundreds + thousands of people, and finally carve out a place for you among the stars.

Except … something’s not quite right.

And you can’t put your finger on it.

Sure, the logo looks great, the sales copy sings off the screen, and social media is abuzz with anticipation. But the sales aren’t exactly roaring in. And the people who are buying …

question-cuparen’t exactly rocking your inbox with gratitude.

So, what’s the deal? You did everything right!

Well, almost. There’s just one little detail you missed.

Proving that your offering actually works.


Every entrepreneur has been there, at least once — caught up in the rush of
idea-thusiasm, and then skipping the most vital step in the creation process: proof of concept.

Releasing an offering before it’s been fully tested feels … kinda gross. For you. And your customers, too.

But the good news is: it’s not the end of the world — or the end of your business.

And if you’re willing to get trained up with us, you’ll never, ever have to go through the grossness, again.

Creating Undeniable Proof is an online class for entrepreneurs who want to (finally!) prove that their ideas, products + services actually do…what they think + hope they do.

This class will help you collect clear feedback that you can use to make your offerings better.

We’ll walk you through every step — from requesting feedback, to interpreting data, to polishing your offering, to crafting killer Case Studies for your website, to revamping the way you “explain what you do,” to re-launching with more power than ever.

lighteningOnce you know that your concepts are rock-solid, you’ll have a type of confidence that nobody can take away.

The type of confidence that comes from proof — not just possibilities.

Oh, and speaking of proof … here at The Wealthy Thought Leader, we
walk our talk.

Here are 3 entrepreneurs who’ve taken Creating Undeniable Proof. Breakthroughs, galore.


Case Study #1: Carolyn Ellis, Brilliance Mastery

1“Setting (the work) up as a case study gave me a much more authentic and grounded sense of confidence with what I created and how to talk about it.

This was confidence from the heart versus bravado from the head, if you will.

I went from doing 5 case studies gratis…

… to the very first person I offered it to on a paid basis paying $1,000- great return on investment from the Creating Proof training!”


Case Study #2: Paula Gregorowicz, The Paula G Company

1“Doing the case study (in the creating proof process step by step) was really useful in breaking down how I do what I do into understandable terms.

It’s just SO much easier to say that people end up 30% less overwhelmed, 40% more confident, or increased productivity by 40%.

The idea of how to frame my competitive advantage has eluded me for years. Now I can take this and build a much clearer case with my ideal clients (and prospects.)”


Case Study #3: Vicky Stein, Profitable Events

1“The testimonials (from the Creating Proof process) were a real shot in the arm – from “You knocked my socks off. I have no excuse now!” to “I wish I had my people lined up already, I’m so ready to go.”

People went from not knowing who I was in my business to seeing me as their “100% go-to person.”

My confidence has just soared – I now say out loud that I really know my stuff! And, just as important, I feel a renewed passion to get my message out and help people

I also learned what people want from me next, and I’m adding that to my bag of tricks. All this because I framed my invitation (as taught in the creating proof class.)”

Your Instructors + Lesson Plan

You’ve got two instructors for the class.

Andrea J. Lee

Andrea J Lee

Andrea Lee is the founder of the Wealthy Thought Leader and the instigator of the proof process. She’s had her most cherished private clients follow this for years and is now totally stoked to make it available widely – she knows it will change the face of the personal development industry, as well as your business, if you choose to join her!

Andrea’s been running a virtual coaching business since before that was, like, a “thing.” She’s had a long time — 15 years, to be precise — to figure out how people learn best, online, and it really shows in her students’ results. She loves baths, books + homemade pesto. She is in awe of Rachna’s grasp on human psychology + what makes people tick.


Rachna Jain

Dr. Rachna JainRachna Jain is a Doctor of Psychology and the founder of Profitable Popularity — a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs become not just popular, but popular AND profitable. She is now also an integral part of Team Wealthy Thought Leader as Lead Coach for the Gold Mentorship programs. She herself is an embodiment of the creating proof process – catapulting just 3 case studies into a six-figure plus new business in a breathtakingly short amount of time.

Over and above all that, she’s a familiar face on, a contributor to NBC’s “Today Show” and a consultant to the Hearst Corporation, publisher of magazines such as Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Redbook and Marie Claire. She adores Andrea’s commitment to testing her ideas, and then testing again … with curiosity and integrity.

Here’s an outline of what we’ll learn,
explore and experience together:

Class 1 — Back to Basics: the Anatomy of a Case Study

1Case studies: the idea sounds so simple you’re probably wondering why more business owners don’t use them as marketing tools. They’re 100% transparent — which is why they’re so powerful, because they’re not hypey, just real. A case study isn’t a testimonial, and it isn’t giving something away for free. So now that you know what a Case Study ISN’T, you might be wondering what a case study IS. That’s what this class is all about.

You’ll learn:

  • What a Case Study is and isn’t — and real-world examples of how to use them.
  • Why Case Studies are crucial, especially if your “thing” is new, unusual, or hard to describe.
  • How to know which of your offerings to test with a Case Study, first.
  • How to choose the right beta-customers to partner with to create a new Case Study.

Class 2 — Your Action Plan: Revving up to Create your First Case Study

2Once you have an overarching purposeful vision for conducting your case studies, it’s time to create a strategy and put it into action. You want to do the most effective work possible with clients in the shortest time. Your goal is to end up with a shining example of your very best work.

So how do you do that? That’s what we’ll cover in this class.

You’ll learn:

  • How to clarify your purpose for creating a Case Study — what, exactly, are you trying to prove?
  • How to choose the right format for your Case Study: video, audio, written stories, live stories at events, soundbite testimonials, and more.
  • How to structure a Case Study for a businesses that’s a little bit “woo-woo” — or hard to describe in words.

Class 3 — Rubber Meets the Road: Creating Your First (Amazing) Case Study

3Once you’ve identified the service and your desired clients, you’re ready to move ahead with the case study. This class will help you make it happen!

We’ll cover:

  • How to get the most possible juice from the Case Study process.
  • How to leverage Case Study content into new revenue streams (surprise!)
  • How to prompt your beta-customer to give you real, honest feedback you can use — not just friendly applause.

Class 4 — Bringing it all Together: How to Leverage Case Studies into Paying Customers

4Now that your case study is close to completion, and your clients have achieved the desired results, how do you turn that into the undeniable proof you can use to build your business forward? How does this experience translate into a clear, impactful, irresistible answer to the inevitable question… “What do you do?” This class
will show you!

We’ll cover:

  • How to track initial + ending data so you can use real metrics to show people the power of what you offer (truly priceless!)
  • How to turn Case Studies into compelling marketing pieces that will work for years + years.
  • How to have the “what’s next?” conversation with your Case Study subjects, respectfully
    and authentically.
  • How to leverage Case Studies into paying customers and unexpected opportunities, too (media attention, anyone?)
  • How to avoid burn out (and enjoy the ride you’ve created) when all your new PROOF causes your business to change … or explode!

And… 2 Q&A recordings to answer the most common questions we know you will have

To sum it all up:

Creating Undeniable Proof is a 4-part set of class recordings, but its also a philosophy — and a commitment.

A commitment to testing, tweaking and refining your ideas — before you go public.

A commitment to listening deeply to your customers — and taking their feedback to heart.

A commitment to proving that your ideas + methods actually do what you think they do — so that you can explain the awesomeness of your work with absolute clarity + confidence.

This is THE commitment that takes under-earning entrepreneurs to the next level of success.

If you’re ready to make it, we’re ready for you.

And… as you would expect, we’re ready to put our proof on the line to help with your decision to join us. We’re ready to guarantee your results, provided, of course, you’re willing to do the work!

The logistical details for accessing the program recordings will be sent via email once you sign up.

Each class recording will be approximately 2 hours long and finished off with Q&A with both Andrea and Rachna.
As a special bonus, as part of the Q&A call recordings, you will hear the behind the scenes success story of how Rachna used the material in this course to triple her income in just a few months. You won’t want to miss this.

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Our ‘You Take None of the Risk’
Guarantee To You

As your ‘Creating Proof’ teachers, we totally understand that signing up for
this course might feel like a risk to you. After all, some day you will be asking people to take a risk with you, and you’ll probably want to offer them some
sort of guarantee.

So here’s ours. Feel free to register for the course with ease and celebration in your heart. Attend all four classes and 2 Q&As in their entirety. Use all the resources provided. Implement whatever you learn. And then…see how things go.

If you are in any way dissatisfied with your experience, contact us with 60 days of the end of the course, and we will refund your tuition minus a $20 administrative fee. That’s it. No ugly looks or bad energy. We want you to feel confident and comfortable saying YES, just like YOUR clients will be comfortable trusting YOU when it’s your turn.