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Are you ready to take your big ideas or service offerings to the next level? Are you ready to employ the wisdom and guidance of a seasoned coach so you can shave years off your learning curve and reach your desired income levels faster–with less financial waste, struggle and needless trial and error?

If so, please read further to determine whether a private or small group coaching relationship with me and the Thought Partners Coaching Team is the next logical step in creating the business and lifestyle you desire.

Coaching With Andrea

You will get the most value from selecting me as your coach when two things are in place. (1) You have a big vision and (2) you are ready to act on it.

With over 8 years of coaching nearly 100 individuals, plus over 1000 people in groups, I’ve accumulated a great deal of coaching experience which may be a fit for what you’d like to achieve. Specifically, you may…

  • Have a big product idea and need help packaging it well.
  • Want to change business models to leverage your time better, but don’t know how to let go of the old model to grasp hold of the new.
  • Need a thinking partner to achieve financial independence so you have the freedom to do what you want each day.
  • Want to navigate the 6 to 7 figure income gap, or transform your 7 figure business into a legacy business.
  • Lack confidence to seize a competitive edge in your market, but know that time is running out.
  • Go from idea to idea, unable to complete things.
  • Wish for a coach who can stay ahead of you as you grow, both in business expertise and personal development.
  • Have a stubborn reluctance to delegate that’s stifling your growth.
  • Have a high IQ that leads you to complicate things.
  • Fear situations involving conflict and are – subtly or not – being bullied by the people around you.
  • Want a marketing partner to hold space for big revenue jumps.
  • Want a content creation partner to help tease out your next big idea.
  • Feel alone with your innovative ideas and need validation.
  • Want to find compelling things in your life other than work.
  • Have a difficult time being the alpha female in your life yet don’t have wallflower DNA in you either.

Why Work With Me?

With a track record since 1990, my resume shows its share of high-earning, game-changing projects.

Not to mention, I’ve built my reputation creating multiple income information enterprises of my own, in addition to coaching client leaders who are breaking new ground in their respective areas. I thrive on helping individuals and organizations get their very best material out in the world in a profitable way.

Here’s just one example of a client of mine who experienced massive RESULTS:

  • As General Manager of CoachVille.com, I helped grow the company from 6 figures and a couple thousand people to $3.2 million and 39,000 members in just 2 short years. Still now, people refer to that growth as revolutionary, and responsible for putting the coaching world as we know it, on the map.

Want to read more real-life stories showcasing results like this? Then check out the page we’ve dedicated to the words other entrepreneurs have written about us. There’s nothing more rewarding than this kind of feedback when it comes to our work!

Your Success is My Top Priority

It’s been such a thrill to help clients foresee, forecast, and take advantage of new, untapped income streams, regardless of the industry. Whether it be books, home study kits, live event series, even certifications for new professions…when a thought leader steps up into their game, the results are a wonder to behold.

And THAT is what I hope for most, for you and your business. The wonder-full unfolding that occurs when your BEST ideas lead you to money, meaning and lasting contribution as a thought leader. It’s what the people around me – clients, partners and colleagues – tell me they value most about the work we do together.

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to act, the first step is to let me know more about yourself and your current business by filling out the brief questionnaire below.

If there seems, at least initially, to be a good potential fit, a member of my team will then contact you to set up a call in which we’ll discuss your business in greater detail. In this no-obligation, no pressure, but thoughtful, thorough way, we’ll determine if indeed working together is the right answer for you.

When the right fit is clear, coaching can begin right away. Let’s discuss.

Also – click here to read more about my personal and professional background if you wish – you have every right to know who your potential mentor is, and what s/he has gone through, and I really respect your extra due diligence.

Your information is completely private and will not be shared, sold or rented for any reason.

  • Please, Tell Me About You

  • How does your approximate gross revenue look for each of these years?

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