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Monetization Lab Open House

Let’s make one thing really clear from the start. Our clients, and the work they do to create a better world? They knock our socks off! Which is why we love exceeding expectations for support. We do this in our online group-coaching program known as ‘The Lab.’

Using an innovative coaching structure, we nurture exceptional results. Have a look to see what we mean, and be sure to click to ‘Read more’ when a story moves you. Plus, more details about the new ‘Lab Open House,’ below!

Inspired to get my own thought leadership out there and get off the treadmill of trying to follow everyone else’s models.
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—Carolyn Ellis
Last week, I gave my first, live, half-day workshop in Montreal and it was a huge success. I could not have done it without your encouragement, or is it gentle pushing?
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—Dr. Irena O'Brien
The ROI is so over-the-top, I no longer think of it as some program I joined…but instead as an integral part of the strategic fabric of my business.
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—Jodi Hume
Within 90 Days of joining the WTL Lab, I was able to reconnect to my own creative spirit, and launched a brand new offering that was truly a reflection of how I had evolved. I grossed nearly $34,000. And might I add, with incredible ease.
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—Karin Witzig Rozell
Joining the Lab was the best business decision I have ever made in 15 years of business. I found my tribe finally and I am celebrating. I can't wait to see what the next year will bring.
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—Kaya Singer
The style and vibe created in the Lab is one I’m modeling in my own mentorship SO, being here works on a lot more levels beyond just ‘income streams’.
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—Kay White
I love the Lab and especially the remarkable coaching style of Andrea J. Lee. The advice is not only sage, but the heart in her way of being is palpable.
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—Jon Leland
A live simulcast broadcast from NYC, creating a community of people living with diabetes, developing products that support my messages, and the launch of my first ever web TV show.
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—Shawn Shepheard
I sent out two emails to my existing community of 2600. 10 people purchased. And $2000 revenue was generated in 24 hours.
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—Sonia Miller
I’m becoming the wise, prosperous, world-changing entrepreneur I’ve long yearned to be, and honestly couldn’t become anywhere else. I’m here for the long haul.
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—Susanna Maida, Ph.D
My business has grown by 30% in just three months, but my capacity to be the kind of leader that I want to be has grown immeasurably. There aren't many places for young women entrepreneurs to get this kind of deep mentorship, but the good news is that the Lab is making the ‘old boys club’ obsolete.
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—Melanie St. Ours

The Monetization Lab is simple. It gets results and feels great to belong to. And it’s easy to join.

Dear Small Business Owner,

I’m so glad you’re considering joining us for our next Open House in the Lab, our one and only group coaching environment on the Wealthy Thought Leader campus. Put it bluntly, this coaching environment is the pride and joy of my 15 year coaching career and is now much-modelled in a half a dozen industries! I can’t wait to have you experience it for yourself.

What follows is information to help you decide if you’re ready now for a coaching booster shot.

The Monetization Lab is simple and remarkably effective. It gets results and feels great to belong to. And it’s easy to join on a trial basis in our next ‘Open House’ for just $127.

During the 7-day Open House – being hosted this round from September 23 to 30, 2015 – you can take full advantage of all that our Lab has to offer. That includes:

  • 2 Group Coaching and Q&A calls, where you submit thorny challenges and specific questions for Andrea and team to answer. This includes requests to get something ‘done-with-you’ like copywriting or naming!
  • A timely teaching gem selected by Andrea to kick off each Q&A call – goal-setting, inspirational case studies, trends in income streams, and more.
  • Continuous online coaching in a private facebook group (exceptionally powerful because of the accountability elements we use week-by-week.)


ready to give our open house a try?

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We’d love to see you give the Lab a try! There’s nothing better to us than happy, prosperous, thriving business owners with a big vision, making their dreams come true.

Our Open House has become a bit of a tradition, because we know you have a lot of choices for your coaching support, and frankly, what we deliver in the Lab is very unique. For 5 years, we’ve honed this environment to be eyebrow-raisingly valuable – even in just 7 days of Open House, you can get tailor-made coaching for you that nets you great results.

And while we’d love to have you join us beyond the Open House dates, and will provide you with those options, this isn’t a hard-sell environment… if you want to stay with us, you’ll know based on your actual experience, and we’ll be delighted! The 7-day Open House stands alone, however, as a powerful coaching booster shot all by itself.

On that note, we’re not going to be coy, there are a few things we’d like you to know before we dig in:

If you enjoy the Open House experience in the Lab, you can bet we’re going to encourage you to stay longer.

It’ll be your choice (of course) and our job to demonstrate our chops. Just like the open house is, the value of the Lab far exceeds the investment, which is how we like to play. But you get to be the final judge of all of that, as part of the 7-days.

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7-Days of Top-Notch Coaching from a Talented Team for $127.

What will your business be able to do after these days of spot-on coaching with us? We won’t know for 100% sure until you try. But quality coaching every day is what we aim for, after all. And here are just some of the things you can consider asking us…How to experiment, while making money, in your business, and do market research at the same time!

  • How to price things, how to structure your income streams, how to package them for better conversion and sales in a way that feels good.
  • How to have the selling conversation in a way that empowers you and creates urgency that is sincere, versus manufactured.
  • How to find the discipline to do the things you know you need to do, but for some reason aren’t following through on.
  • How to find more of the people who are for you to serve, and do so in a way that expresses your genuine self.
  • How to be a better thought leader, standing boldly for what you believe should change in the world, and integrating that with your business.
  • How to gain confidence in a new, and perhaps very unique offering, when it hasn’t been done before.
  • What to write and how, to better say what you mean about what you do!
  • How to build a team, how to move into bigger income goals like multiple six figures, or more, with grace. How to avoid pitfalls when growing bigger.
  • How to rest well and work less. How to approach the corporate market. Build a bricks and mortar business, use technology and tools…
  • And more, limited only by your imagination and earthly needs! All of these are ask-able both on our group calls AND online. (Wait till you see what we can do in the online forum. It’s pretty great.)


all that remains is for you to leap.

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Some logistical details:

1. A short coaching intake form will appear immediately after you’ve registered. Please fill it in right away. We don’t want to waste any time getting to know you before we get underway on September 23. The entire coaching team will be using this to shorten the learning curve about you, the better to dive deep into coaching ASAP!

2. There will be two group coaching calls during the 7 days of the Open House. They will be recorded if you can’t attend, so you can listen to the coaching provided for you that way, but attend live if you possibly can! They are a real campfire for kindred spirits and good energy:

  • Friday, September 25 | 1000 – 1100 AM
  • Tuesday, September 29 | 1000 – 1100 AM

Note: All times are in Pacific, and, calls may run to 90 minutes depending on the number of coaching calls. We suggest you book 90 minutes if you possibly can, to squeeze all the value from the coaching huddle.

Calls will be held on a conference bridge line with a United States area code, accessible by Skype if necessary for international callers.

There will also be a web-based chat feature to maximize participation.

All Q&A calls will be recorded and downloadable after call dates, and a group chat transcript provided.

ready to try the lab?

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Andrea Lee  
Head Coach, Wealthy Thought Leader  
+ Author, We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging  
Business Conversations

P.S. Your trust means everything to us. In a world that’s sometimes crappy, we at Wealthy Thought Leader seek to actively build trust. Although we cannot refund your money if you are not satisfied with the Open House (due to our hard costs to deliver this intensive experience) we can offer you a $127 credit for your use. We appreciate you’re taking a risk to give us a try and we are ready to take a risk on you! Looking forward to your coaching intake – you’ll see it as soon as you sign up.

Got questions about the Monetization Lab, or something else? We’re available by email at or by phone at 1-888-988-PINK.