Being in the Lab inspired me to get my own thought leadership out there and get off the treadmill of trying to following everyone else's models. Creative, collaborative, encouraging, inspiring, the Andrea and her team and the Lab is bar none the most impactful and best value group coaching program I've ever experienced.

—Carolyn Ellis

What I love about the Monetization Lab is that there is no one-size-fits-all template to building a business. We are encouraged to build our businesses our own way using our strengths. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not encouraged to stretch, because Andrea and the team constantly encourage us to stretch.

For example, just last week, I gave my first, live, half-day Access Your Personal Genius workshop in Montreal, and it was a huge success. So thank you Andrea and the Monetization Lab team: I could not have done it without your encouragement, or is it gentle pushing.

Andrea and her team deliver more than expected. They are all very present in the lab. They’re on top of everyone’s progress. And I feel as if I have a personal relationship with them. This is a place that truly cares about everyone.

—Dr. Irena O'Brien

The Monetization Lab has been hands down the best investment I have ever made in my business. In fact, the ROI is so over-the-top, I no longer think of it as some program I joined... but instead as integral part of the strategic fabric of my business. Tapping into the wisdom and insights of the lab has saved me from more blind spot detours than I can count and countless hours of wheel spinning. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it's also true in business.

—Jodi Hume

When I was ready for business coaching to refresh and level up my own 6 figure biz, I knew I wanted something different. Because I was different (having babies while running a biz will do that to you). But where to go to "be with my business" in a different way? A way that would honor my personal evolution, my family, my wellness, my ambition, my authenticity and more. The Wealthy Thought Leader Monetization Lab is that home for me.

Within 90 Days of joining the WTL Lab, I was able to reconnect to my own creative spirit, and launched a brand new offering that was truly a reflection of how I had evolved. And I grossed nearly $34,000. And might I add, with incredible ease. I wouldn't have had the courage to launch the type of program I created had I not seen the level of care, connection and community modeled for me in the WTL Lab.

If you're tired of the same old same old in business coaching, go see Andrea and her team. They're smart, intuitive and cultivate a peaceful way of being with your business that is wildly refreshing in a sea of look a-likes.

—Karin Witzig Rozell

Joining the Lab was the best business decision I have ever made in 15 years of business. The caliber of people on the team, the commitment from the other members who shared their wisdom so deeply and heartfelt, and of course the amazing coaching calls with Andrea Lee helped me to shift past my blind spots in just three short months!! I found my tribe finally and I am celebrating. I can't wait to see what the next year will bring.

My business was ticking along but I knew my message could be so much stronger and more distinct. Andrea, through her wisdom and magic helped me to see what I wasn't seeing! The support and feedback from my lab partners was huge too. I'm now able to update my website, change my content and this also this brings my whole program and product strategy into alignment. So much benefit from this investment! The added benefit from the group coaching is also learning from everyone else's process. I could write a book about that value.

—Kaya Singer

Business wise, I’ve developed 2 income streams — my product, using decoy pricing, and an ebook which is about to be Kindled and the Lab input has been crucial.

Not to mention all the amazing mentoring and up-to-the-moment, behind-the-curtain teaching from Andrea. AND the style and vibe created in the Lab is one I’m modeling in my own mentorship SO, being here works on a lot more levels beyond just ‘income streams’. It’s been less ‘ra, ra, rah’ and much more reflective and strategic to be a member here and that’s why I love it!

—Kay White

I love the Lab and especially the remarkable coaching style of Andrea J. Lee. The advice is not only sage, but the heart in her way of being is palpable. The community is active. Collective wisdom abounds. The experience has already exceeded my expectations.

—Jon Leland

My challenge has been taking all is super cool, heart centered tasty stuff from the Lab and applying it to the “corporate” world. Some of the things that I have done that got noticed are: a live simulcast broadcast from NYC, creating a community of people living with diabetes, developing products to support my messages, and have them paid for by sponsors and the launch of my first ever web TV show.

—Shawn Shepheard

Prior to joining the Monetization Lab, lead generation was labor intensive and slow. Once I implemented Andrea's clear and specific guidance, I found an easy offer I could make at the right price point. I sent out two emails to my existing community of 2600. 10 people purchased. 7 of them were community members who had never worked with me before. And $2000 revenue was generated in 24 hours. Now I'm building momentum by accumulating a waiting list for the next offering. Andrea, You're the best!

—Sonia Miller

I’ve been in quite a few year-long, group coaching programs over the years and none of them comes even close to what the Monetization Lab offers. Andrea is far and away in a league all her own!

I value beyond measure how she doesn’t diminish us by just telling us what to do in our business. Instead, she helps us think about the challenges and opportunities we’re facing in new and innovative ways so we can consistently make wise decisions on our own behalf. It’s like the radical difference between giving someone a fish and teaching them to fish.

Being in the Monetization Lab is fabulous for my business. But perhaps more important, through it, I’m becoming the wise, prosperous, world-changing entrepreneur and business coach I’ve long yearned to be, and honestly couldn’t become anywhere else. I’m here for the long haul. Great gratitude to you, Andrea!

—Susanna Maida, Ph.D

This call was like a microcosm of my whole experience with Wealthy Thought Leader thus far. I'm not an expert in business by any means, but I'm no longer such a beginner that I feel like seeking answers in cookie-cutter training programs that charge handsomely to teach business basics with a little proprietary cherry-on-top. I crave depth, but I certainly don't have deep pockets. The Lab has given me deep and timely answers to pressing questions, but more importantly, the more time I spend with Andrea and WTL, the more I can feel my brain learning to think about business in a new way. I'm also learning that the depth, meaning, and ease that I crave are a path that I can begin walking right now----not a destination to reach at some later date. My business has grown by 30% in just three months, but my capacity to be the kind of leader that I want to be has grown immeasurably. There aren't many places for young women entrepreneurs to get this kind of deep mentorship, but the good news is that the Lab is making the "old boys club" obsolete. The mentoring, the connections, and the possibilities awakened here are available for the asking; no rich relatives or fancy business pedigrees required. For that, I am deeply grateful.

—Melanie St. Ours