Business Building Swoop

Wealthy Thought Leader University presents our newest free training. This teaching slays several sacred cows, gently and compassionately, but doesn’t leave you hanging. You’ll also learn fresh ways to look at your business – frameworks, your value, steps that don’t paralyze you… or shove your vision into a tiny box.


Our Offerings

To learn more about the Wealthy Thought Leader teaching, offerings you can take, and even a taste of our coaching ways, here are a few choices for you:

We need to talk

we need to talk book

Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations

creating undeniable proof

A short powerful course in testing your ideas and getting your next real clients!

coaching by example

Immerse Yourself In Great Coaching.

sacred sleep for entrepreneurs

Because Insomnia is Bad for your Business

a brighter life leadership training

Start by Saying No.