Surprising, powerful, real-live data…


“There’s always a surprise – the moustache exercise for example, was so out of the box, quirky, fun and, I really bumped up against some powerful growing edges as a business owner.

I also got a lot out of the panelists; these were real people using the high end money models, showing how they’re doing it, how much they’re earning…

If you’re looking to get fresh insights into growing your business, be challenged, but also learn how to approach things emotionally, this event is an amazing Petrii dish.’

Jennifer Lee

Like a bottle of hot sauce for your business!


“This event kicks @ss! The spirit of the tribe is so strong, it goes beyond words, and the speakers stay because they WANT to stay – even THEY learn THAT much.

Plus, what you see of the Andrea onstage is what you get offstage…which is a rare thing. It’s basically like a can of Red Bull or a bottle of hot sauce for your business.”

Shawn Shepheard

Tells the hard truths


“Wow is the one word I would use to describe this event. I was blown away. It is down to earth, matter of fact, telling the hard truths and not all airy fairy. Andrea is there for you where the rubber meets the road and is above all PRACTICAL.

The level of commitment to the work at hand, from the attendees, speakers and Andrea is also unique. I felt immediately at home and that is very unusual! Go. Just go. There’s always a way. Find a way and just go.”

Sharon Sayler

Exceptional value, generous, whip-smart…and shamelessly fun


“The dollar cost value of this event is exceptional. It’s an honest, generous event that will linger with you. And you get toys – pipe cleaners and Play Doh! Attend knowing you will not be sitting on your butt the whole time.

Andrea is whip smart and kick butt, she will hold your feet to the fire, and somehow she compels you to NOT hold back, but grow into a better you. She calls us forward to, without shame, be bold…

Elizabeth Crouch

Visionary, a Thinker’s event in every way…& run like an event 5x its size…


“The amazing thing is that for almost every piece of WTL, there was someone in attendance that was an innovator in that area.

So not only could you talk about a specific business model or theory, but you could go ‘see what Casey or Elena or xxxx is doing and how they have changed the game.’ Translating theory into practice.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect as I was not part of Andrea’s “tribe” previously. I was blown away both by the event itself, the visionary nature of Andrea, and the attendees.

It was run like an event 5x its size (even better). Complete class act.

Brooks Duncan

You delivered 1000%…


Andrea, you deliver 1000% percent and more.

It’s going to take a while for all this learning to sink in. And somehow you put together in one room (and also via video feed) some of the smartest, most insightful people I’ve ever met.

I’ve made some connections that will last a lifetime. Thank you!”

Gina Hiatt, PhD

Incredibly diverse thinkers – I just don’t know how it could be better.


“I know Andrea will find a way, but I don’t know how this event could be any better. I’ve attended twice, and was never exhausted, overloaded or overwhelmed – my body never felt tired. I always felt motivated and like this is doable.

I have such a huge respect and admiration for the brilliant way Andrea presents, and challenges me to think differently and build a business that fits ME. There’s a quality of respect and inclusiveness in the community, too, in that you can be pretty weird, and fit right in – and an incredible amount of diversity of thought.

Just get your butt to Vancouver, there’s no way you can lose.”

Deb Dawson Dunn

I have a crush on Andrea’s brain. In a word: provoking.


“This is something very different – not salesy, not pitchy, not a lot of rah-rah – there is a calm, subtle energy that helps you go into your own head, and explore what you do with the spark of difference that you have inside you. In a word: provoking.

Plus, my brain has a crush on Andrea’s brain. She has a quiet power, not contrived, showy or staged – genuine, centered, methodical. At this event, you learn to defend and stand up for what you think.

If you’ve ever felt like the odd one in the crowd with different ideas and approach, you’ll feel seen, recognized and at home with people to go down that rabbit hole with.”

Erin Ferree

Like Jerk seasoning – steamy hot, challenging, spicy and profitable!


“This is an event that is really going to bake your noodle, as the Oracle said to Neo in the Matrix.

Expect to be challenged. The people who gather are very unique. It affects your five senses, and when you walk out, you will want to restructure my business so you’re not bored any more, you become known, you’re happy, and you make money.

Nobody – nobody – thinks like Andrea. She’s like jerk seasoning for my business – she makes it steamy hot.”

Leesa Barnes

The thought leader event FOR thought leaders……


“From the UNbinder, to the 20 minute ‘talks-of-your-life’ modeled after TED, to not being sold everything under the sun. Andrea is the Thought Leader of Thought Leaders.

The event was innovative and unlike anything I’ve ever attended. Expect the unexpected!

Attending allowed me and my business to “grow up.”

Sandra De Freitas

A unique combination of philosophy and business brain


“Andrea has a unique combination of being a philosopher with a business brain, and there are not very many of those animals around.

She knows how to do the stuff that no one can put into words and she knows how to make money from it.

She goes from the eagle vision, down to the mouse view, and then going through the maze, and she can help smell the cheese. She knows where the cheese is.”

Indrani Goradia

Thought bombshells all around – a challenging and powerful call to shape our world…


“In the big picture, I left the event understanding that we have the power to shape the future of our professions, of our little worlds. We can be the ones to decide what impact we want to have, what value we want to bring, and what price we want to charge.

I liked Andrea’s quiet teachings, her waiting to see our response. Her style is passionate and direct, dropping little thought bombshells around you, with hardly a blink of the eye.

Ellen Lerner



“This is an experience versus a workshop where you’re learning things with your head. You leave having done things.

There are a lot of unique personalities but not huge egos which was really refreshing.”

David Drake, PhD

Packed with Value; Leadership personified…


“This was an incredible event packed with valuable content. Weeks later, I am still swimming with ideas and enthusiasm that I brought back from it.

Not only was the content first rate, the attendees were also a powerful and inspiring bunch. Not only did Andrea teach thought leadership, with this event, she personified it.”

Melissa McCreery, PhD