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 5 Steps to Income Through Innovation


Thank you and Welcome to the Wealthy Thought Leader’s
5-Part Short Course.

A Primer on Your Thought Leadership – Discover Your Thought Leadership and Connect it with Income Today!.

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Meanwhile, are you interested in what ELSE is happening in the world of Income, Innovation and Thought Leadership?

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Join us May 1 – 3, 2014 live in Austin, TX
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Finally, here are your additional gifts…including:

sdHow NOT To Mess Up a Joint Venture, Including
a Formula For Sharing the Money

Because once you take a bold, outrageous stand for something important that’s meaningful to you, your business growth WILL accelerate, and you want to be ready to have the ‘money talk’ with potential partners in a savvy way, right?

This is the perfect short resource to cut to the chase – nuts and bolts – answering the question “Okay, we’re going to do something big and cool together, how should you split up the money?

MP3 | Approximately 60 minutes, moves quickly
PDF | Includes scripts from above audio for quick-to-digest skimming

For both of the above files, click to download and save a copy to your computer.

I can’t wait to hear how the act of YOU BEING PREPARED for grown-up money talks triggers significant income opportunities for you…
Bring it on! And enjoy.


Andrea J. Lee

CEO, Thought Partners International
Author, Pink Spoon Marketing
Global License Holder, Thomas Leonard Works

P. S. Have these materials reached you – through a noisy, overwhelmed and busy life – in a way that you admire? You can do it too, it just requires intentionality. If you’re tired of putting in a ton of effort for a tiny squirt of a result, I urge you to consider your thought leadership (what you stand for, that’s important to you) much more closely.

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