We Need to Talk Book Birth Day – Help ‘Double the Good’ + Spread the Word

It takes a whole village of villages to help birth a book well, and ‘We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations’ is no exception! To all of you:

We Need To TalkThank you so much for your willingness to help spread the word about the new book’s birthday on June 2. 🙂 It means the whole world to me!

To support all of us in keeping things simple and easy, here are a straightforward handful of things for your use. We can certainly provide more, but, I love simple, so simple it is.

The most helpful dates to do this are June 1 to 5. And of course the more the merrier, so if you’re able to share a few things over time, that’s really wonderful. If just once is best, whether in your (1) ezine or (2) on social media, the single best day is June 2.

For many of you, I know this isn’t your first rodeo, so to speak, so I will keep the blah blah-ing to a minimum. Share as your heart moves you, even if it’s just one tweet. And, please do ask if we can provide more, make clearer or just connect further, whether in the comments or at andrea at wealthythoughtleader dot com.

Much gratitude, from my heart to yours and with love and care for the lovely people in your community who you are curate and share messages with. <3

The Basics

Essentially, inviting the people you care about to visit www.weneedtotalkguide.com is what it all boils down to.

If you’d like to try more than that though, read on:


This short piece is ideal for short ezine issues, item inside larger ezine, a facebook book, on Linked In, G+ or elsewhere:

New Book Birthday! We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations by Andrea Lee

It’s exciting to share news of a new and useful book, filled with guidance about how to speak powerfully and kindly from the heart in the most trying of business circumstances. Whether it be tough-as-nails negotiations, delicate new partnerships or even firing team members (when needed) ‘We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations’ by my colleague Andrea Lee is available starting June 2 on Amazon.com in paperback, Kindle and Audiobook.

Go to www.WeNeedtoTalkGuide.com to order, join the free Reading Club so you can apply the templates, and…

….until June 5, when you order your copies, Andrea is donating a matching copy to a worthy non-profit that’s supporting entrepreneurs! Up to 1000 copies. Help spread the word so she can donate all 1000 copies, shall we? You can also nominate your favourite charity to receive books at www.weneedtotalkguide.com

[Link to book cover]
[Link to Andrea head shot]
[Link to Andrea’s bio on Amazon.com]


Perfect for Twitter, clearly, but also nice if you’re thinking of sharing on facebook a few times in addition to the above.

Up to 1000 books will be donated when 1K books are purchased b4 June 5! Go to WeNeedtoTalkGuide.com 2help @andreajlee #WeNeedtoTalkGuide Click to Tweet

Get help on the most challenging conversations in ur business w/ new book WeNeedtoTalkGuide.com via @@andreajlee #WeNeedtoTalkGuide Click to Tweet

Have trouble saying ‘no’ in ur business? Get a copy of WeNeedtoTalkGuide.com a gr8 book by @andreajlee out this week #WeNeedtoTalkGuide Click to Tweet

WeNeedtoTalkGuide.com comes with a free Reading Club to apply the book’s wisdom @andreajlee buy before June 5 #WeNeedtoTalkGuide Click to Tweet

A book is being launched. 1000 copies will be donated. You can help! WeNeedtoTalkGuide.com via @andreajlee #WeNeedtoTalkGuide Click to Tweet


You can also go to our board on Pinterest to get the latest cool pins that quote the book. These are fun and can enliven your facebook and other social platforms. If you link to www.weneedtotalkguide.com and use hashtag #WeNeedtoTalkGuide that’s pretty fancy, and so much the better. 🙂


Thunderclap It

Finally, in the very fun, very trendy category, we’re doing a Thunderclap on June 2, which you can also join – it’s just one tweet or facebook post:


Other Things By Request

And that’s really it! Except of course, in a community full of rugged individualists, I expect lots of creative ideas, so I’ll only say this for now:

I really welcome the opportunity to:

– write a guest blog post
– appear on a Hangout for your community
– be interviewed for radio, video show or TV
– speak or teach about the book concepts
– and more…

Just try us! If we can’t get to you in the very special window between launch day, June 2, and June 5, when the ‘Double the Good’ matching books campaign is focused, we’ll certainly be able to look at the weeks and months following.

Of course, if you are interested in ordering a book or books in bulk for your group, we’d be happy to support that. Please do so through www.weneedtotalkguide.com preferably before June 5 to trigger the matching donations. Review copies are also available.

Well, that’s it. As of this writing, there are just a few days before lift off. Time to get in some sleep.

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