Who We Are

Are you looking to build your business in your own way? To feel less alone? Do you want the best coaching help available to get where you want to go?

Welcome! Wealthy Thought Leader University is the world’s first coaching university for entrepreneurs. We’re a hands-on school for entrepreneurs who want to build great businesses according to what they value most. WTL U uses coaching as our #1 way of delivering value, because when you’re a thought leader, or becoming one, coaching is the best tool to get at what’s right for you, what feels good, and what’s worth doing that only you can do.

At Wealthy Thought Leader, I'm becoming the wise, prosperous, world-changing entrepreneur I've long yearned to be, and honestly couldn't become, anywhere else. I'm here for the long haul.

—Susanna Maida, ReweavingtheWorld.com

Even if you’re new to the idea of building a business with help, here are a few things to know about us:

We don’t teach general information, en masse. We use coaching to get to your specific needs.

You can get information in a lot of places, so we don’t bother unless it’s very special. The factory mentality is not for us – no one-size-fits-all t-shirts at WTL U!

  • In the same way that a Waldorf or Montessori approach represents small class sizes, personal attention and quality education… we take a stand against cookie-cutter learning environments. We think they thwart genius. And waste time.
  • Much like the Sundance Film Festival gives film-makers a chance to tell fresh stories that Hollywood passes over…we’re the business university for non-mainstream ideas and approaches. We know how to help you break the sound barrier with your radically different, unique business ideas, and help them make money. It’s our specialty.
  • Now imagine being an artist without a studio. How good of an artist could you become? Just like time in the studio… Wealthy Thought Leader University provides space for you to practice your craft as an entrepreneur in our friendly, Laboratory-like environments. We’re on the playing field with you in real life.
  • And finally, in the same way as a teaching hospital is critical to the creation of a great doctor… we provide hands-on coaching and supervision in a just-in-time way. You get specific help, when you need it.

The cherry on top? Following in the footsteps of Hogwart’s, the school Harry Potter went to with other young magicians… Wealthy Thought Leader University is a sanctuary, where confidence and friendships are forged. The power of community trumps all.

We are the campus where original businesses led by next-generation leaders come to advance their greatest work.

To achieve what we know is possible with this approach, we’ve curated the best coaching minds in the industry to steward this vision, where fast food approaches are banished.


Meet Our Coaching Faculty

Coaching Faculty

Andrea J. Lee

Andrea J. Lee

Our founder Andrea’s coaching style is part “how the heck did she know?!” intuitive wisdom, and part drawn from decades of doing ACTUAL coaching (not paint-by-numbers.)

Her business background includes start-up all the way through the many financial milestones – multiple six-figures and million-dollar-plus? Check! Also, bankruptcy, team revolt, or even nervous breakdown on the entrepreneurial path? All is fair game for her steady, watchful heart.

Her passion for making things better is only surpassed by her compassion for making things right for you.

Jodi Turner Hume

Jodi Turner Hume

Jodi’s zone of excellence is leaders, teams, and personal productivity. In demand in the corporate world and at bricks and mortar businesses, she’s the best at simplifying things like profit calculations and turning them into playgrounds.

Coach’s Training Institute trained as a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) and a dynamite facilitator, Jodi also happens to be an amazing mom AND lead singer in a band. We know. It’s outrageous, really.

Oh, and her coaching style? Super pragmatic AND kind. Yeah.

Jeremie Miller

Jeremie Miller

With his background in video games, nuclear genetics, and domestic violence prevention, not to mention streaming video and budgeting, Jeremie bridges right-brained creativity with left brained attention to detail. His biases are step-by-step building from small to big, and being the devil’s advocate – much needed from a coach!

Jeremie is also the ever-nimble General Manager of WTL U. Trained at the International Coach Academy. Avid mountain biker, skier and Dad. Allergic to Kiwi fruit.

He’s also worked with: Marcia Wieder, Lisa Sasevich, Kendall Summerhawk and more.

Kristi Shmyr

Kristi Shmyr

Kristi leads a multiple six-figure, bricks-and-mortar health and wellness business in addition to her role with WTL U faculty. Drawing on her criminology background, and work with young offenders, Kristi is particularly adept at helping clients understand accountability, goals and failure in useful ways.

Kristi’s health expertise and experiments with innovative income streams also make her popular around campus. She’s at once a thought partner and a get-shit-done, keep-it-real personality having a love-affair with bacon.

Indrani Goradia

Indrani Goradia

Wealthy Thought Leader University’s philanthropy and leadership mentor, Indrani is a dyed-in-the-wool life coach. She’s a yoga instructor, certified Brene Brown coach, Martha Beck life coach, author, and her non-profit foundation is now partners with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

At the age of 50, she decided to run a triathlon, and she’s a fiend with her Fitbit a decade later. In her role as an activist on a mission to end Gender-Based Violence, Indrani galvanizes the WTL family to reach for the impossible every day.

Note: As you consider options for coaching at Wealthy Thought Leader University, it’s important to mention that our faculty works as a team. (Unless you choose private mentorship, you can count on us to share coaching notes, so look out!!)


Are you ready?

If you’re ready to step into what we offer, the best place for ongoing, affordable coaching is the Meaningful Monetization Lab.

Or, try one of our a la carte courses, every single one of which contains powerful coaching. Okay, I get it. Enough telling, show me.